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About The Coffee Vagabond

Originally established in 2011, The Coffee Vagabond has catered to a wide array of events - bringing great coffee to weddings, trade shows, conventions, festivals, and concerts.

Our obsession with great coffee is supported by our amazing suppliers, combining some of the best producers with years of practiced skill result in a delicious beverage every time.

Mobile doesn't mean comprimising on quality or experience. Everything you can expect from your local speciality coffee shop is in our repitoire with friendly, professional service with a passion for what we do, and a commitment to customer and client satisfaction.

We also can cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and customarily stock dairy-free, vegan, decaf and low gluten options within our menu

Event Hire

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a wedding reception, or a private party, The Coffee Vagabond provides a professional and crafted coffee catering solution. We pride ourselves on our friendly service, ensuring that every aspect of your event's coffee needs is flawlessly executed.

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Shift Support, Staff training & Consulting

At the heart of why The Coffee Vagabond was started is a love of sharing great coffee. We offer on-site training for your staff to ensure that your business becomes known for reliably great coffee.

The key to doing anything well is consistency and practice. We can not only train your existing staff to create amazing coffee, but also develop on-going training plans for the future as your team grows.

Unexpected growth, long-term sickness, holiday cover and myriad other things can leave a coffee shop under-staffed and struggling to provide the service you want to be known for. The Coffee Vagabond can help, be it a single-shift or multiple weeks, or even months - we have the experience to help keep your bar moving.

If you've not yet got a machine or a coffee supplier we have a list of regional coffee roasters covering the UK and during conusltation we can identify the one that's right for you. Advise the optimal set up of your bar and even help develop your drinks menu to add some less conventional drinks that will impress your regulars.

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